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EPS 38: Friendship as an Improvisational Art- Lori Neff is back!

EPS 37: James Prescott on Rob Bell, Spiral Dynamics, and creating

EPS 36: Writing Thirty Books in 10 Years, Mary DeMuth talks about healing through her career

EPS 35: Sarah Bessey Talk About “Out of Sorts” (Messy Faith and Homecoming)

EPS 34: The Many Lives of the Hippest Street in America (NYT writer, Ada Calhoun)

EPS 33: A Muslim talks about Allah, what he says will surprise you

EPS 32: Rolf Potts, Celebrated Travel-Writer and Best-selling Author

 EPS 31: Life After Midday, A Conversation with Former Moody Radio Host Lori Neff

EPS 30: Why is it Funny? A Neuroscientist on Humor Studies

EPS 29: If a House and A Tent Had a Baby: A Homesteader Tells All

EPS 28: 3 Ways to Short-Circuit Perfectionism and Achieve Greatly

EPS 27: No Squeezing Chickens – A Rhythm for Creating Your Best Work (Andi Cumbo-Floyd)

EPS 26: When Childhood Suffering is Transfigured into a Thriving Life

EPS 25: Best Productivity Hacks for Working From Anywhere

EPS 24: The Robust (Ignatian) Spirituality of Pope Francis

EPS 23: The Hidden Family Rules That Have Shaped You (and Still Affect Your Life) with Janet Stauffer PhD

EPS 22: Why the Dark Night of the Soul is Like Fight Club (Doug Jackson returns)

EPS 21: Puncturing Our Own Ideas of Ablism (Tom Reynolds part 2)

EPS 20: Puncturing Our Own Ideas of Ablism (Tom Reynolds part 1)

EPS 19: A Reflection on the Nature of Suffering

EPS 18: Nicole Unice is Brave Enough and so are you!

EPS 17: Shane Claiborne on the Hunger for Community

EPS 16: (Prayer without words) Apophatic prayer (Dr. Laurie Mellinger)

(The first 15 episodes include wine education segments because I used to work at a vineyard.)

EPS 15: Shane Tucker, the listening art of “Soul Friendship”

EPS 14: Ed Cyzewski, Pray, Write, Grow

EPS 13: Doug Jackson not being able to encapsulate God

EPS 12: A conversation with Sarah Bessey on Creative Abundance

EPS 11: Podcasting Legend, Daniel J. Lewis, on integrity, faith and marriage 

EPS 10: A conversation with Journalist Emily Miller (and wine headaches explained, finally!)

EPS 9: Moderation vs. Medication (the famous H.A.L.T. method)

EPS 8: How to Let Your Creative Soul (and your wine) Breathe

EPS 7: Ray Hollenbach and the Deeper Seminars

EPS 6: Friendship as Creative Fuel

EPS 5: RE-thinking the Nature of the Creative Process

EPS 4: 3 KEYS ensure a good person getaway / retreat

 EPS 3: Natalie Hart, Biblical fiction Young Adult writer

EPS 2: Risk, key thoughts from Brené Brown

EPS 1: Short Introduction to the Podcast & why grape juice is “unnatural

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