(always wanted to see one of these ) Christian tradition diagram

Ever wonder how, or if, the Baptists are related to the Methodists? Or the Quakers from the Mennonites?

I’ve been enjoying this site, and I subscribe to their blog, Parchment and Pen. Today they sent an interesting diagram of Christian tradition in tree form (family tree of God?)

Christian tradition diagram (click to get to their site)

Is this a crab-apple tree? Or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Or maybe….

Just kidding.


Any thoughts or comments?

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0 thoughts on “(always wanted to see one of these ) Christian tradition diagram

  • mellingerla

    Very interesting!! Who knew that Baptist General Conference was more “Lutheran” than “Reformed”?

    Am I just missing something, or didn’t you give us the actual link to the blog? It would be interesting to take a look . . .

  • Warwickfuller

    So, I see us UBers didn’t make it… We would be that weird Methodist cousin who married that odd Reformed guy who was more Baptist than Reformed. You couldn’t dance at the wedding, but the music was great!

  • Brian Casey

    Seems more historical than theologically status quo, wouldn’t you say? And some comparatively minor groups such as Hutterites are mentioned while groups 500 times their size are omitted … just happy to see R.C. as a branch and not the trunk of the tree as the news media has it sometimes!

  • lisacolondelay

    That’s funny, Brian.

    Most media outlets usually do a “follower of Jesus=looney” spin. Never mind 2 thousand years of history, and charity worldwide, of course.

    I think you’re right. Some prominent ones have been skipped. If you know of another (visual) resource … I’d love to check it out.