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Actor Turned Creative Director of Willow Creek Church: Blaine Hogan

You might remember Blaine Hogan as the character he played Seth “Cherry” Hoffner in the television series Prison Break (Scroll to the bottom for a quick lesson on what happens to “Cherry”…but brace your self, it’s raw stuff. PG-10.)

Now Blaine’s the Creative director of the ginormous Willow Creek Community Church in the Chicago area…multiple campuses–one church is how they put it. This Christmas, when plenty of people skipped out on morning church to do Christmasy things, 80,000 turned up at Willow Creek. Yes. 4 zeros are in that number. There’s some amazing stuff coming from Blaine’s creative team, and you should check it out.

Below is the first of a short series of videos with Blaine talking about his new film which he directed, his recent book, creativity, Christian artists, his new project on the ministry of Storytelling in the Inventive Age, and plenty more. For writers, artists, performers, musicians, and any other people who appreciate creating, you’ll love what Blaine shares.

(Please note that some content listed will not be released publicly, here or on youtube. If you’d like to get this bonus video material, please use the contact form on the right sidebar to gain access, or what is referred to as “FREE Savvy”.)

prison break demo from blaine hogan on Vimeo

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