Soul School – Lesson 31 – Finding YOUR Identity

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Each Wednesday is a Soul School lesson and each Friday is a conversation with a featured guest.

Today’s Soul School is about Identity. What is it really and how do you find it?

It applies HERE too. I’ve made an Identity shift with Spark My Muse.

I’ve learned in little over a year of making 90+ episodes that co-creation and collaboration is what sparks my muse–so no more going it alone!

It’s a relief to find this out and it’s a joy to my soul to know that the infusion of energy and goodwill with others, like you and other creators, makes things easier, not harder.

• I’m at just the right spot to invite you into what I’m doing so we can all have fun together. Thanks for being a part of this AMAZING story and co-creation project with me and the tribe that’s been created. You are welcome here.

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