Soul School –  Lesson 9 (Discernment Book)

Soul School – Lesson 9 (Discernment Book)

Soul School Lesson 9 includes selected excerpts of my new book on Discernment.

From December 9th-December 15th 2015, the Kindle book will be on special, starting at just 99¢ and increasing daily back to the original price. Snap up a few copies now and hand them out for the holidays or whenever you notice someone at a crossroads in their life.

Everyone gets forked in life…That point where your path comes to a split and you have to choose carefully which way to go.

Watch the new book trailer and get a taste of what it’s about!

Navigating the territory of crossroad or difficult decisions is also called, in many faith traditions, discernment.

My new book works like a practical pocket guide based on time-tested spiritual exercises that have helped people for over 400 years (The Spiritual Exercises by Ignatius of Loyola, originally written to help men make a wise decision about vocational priesthood).

FORKED: A Discernment Pocket Guide is a guidebook and an integrated process approach that includes all aspects of you: body, mind, and spirit in a prayerful way.

When we find a fork in our road we tend to dis-integrate from our whole and leave out key parts of us when we decide things. Keys things like the intuition, the imagination, the nature talents we have, or the godly passions of the heart that have been germination and waiting to sprout in fertile ground.

 Seven key exercises in the book guide you through introspective questions that help you understand yourself and your situation better in a way you’ve never encountered.

There is no one way to accomplish the process. That means, you can progress through all of the the exercises, or pick the ones that make the best fit for you and your situation. Just grab a notebook and pen and begin.

Don’t be afraid to get started. Give it a try.

NOW AVAILABLE click here!


FORKED A Discernment Pocket Guide Amazon page allow you to take a peek inside too.

Soul School – Lesson 8

Soul School – Lesson 8

This Soul School is about the habits in your habitat. We need them to keep us from unnecessary stress and extra thinking. The habits we need to break are the ones that stop us from being numb and to help us start to see the people nearest to us again.

The challenge (“home work”) in this soul school is to thwart an unhelpful habituation and to reengage someone you’ve stopped noticing, hearing, or seeing in your world like a neighbor, family member, co-worker, or someone in your ordinary day. But there’s more….

Listen to find out.

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Soul School – Lesson 7

Soul School – Lesson 7

If you’re visiting the website today, thank you for stopping by!

I have two announcements.

Tomorrow, if you come back here at 8 pm, there will be a live webinar style discussion on maintaining gratitude all year long. My colleague Chris Shea and I invite you to join us for that.

Second, my other colleague James Prescott and I invite you to play with us starting December 19th at our online Christmas party! We are inviting creators, like you, from all over the world to create with us all year long in a project called synCREATE. Check out the tab above for more information on that.


Now on to Soul School!

Soul School – Lesson 6

Soul School – Lesson 6

This lesson is called:
“The Stories We Accidentally Tell About Ourselves”

I tell you stories about me and you tell me stories about you. What if we listen harder and add new chapters to redeem our stories and add more renewal, authenticity, and hope?

Thank you for listening today.

Please let me know if you like these short weekly lessons, or I should improve them or remove them from the podcast line up. I’ll happily take your feedback.


I’ll be reading some excerpts from my new book on the podcast soon.

It’s called FORKED: A Discernment Pocket Guide (for Choosing Between Two Good Things).

If you’re in the middle of a tough decision or at a crossroads season of your life, this is the resource for you. To read a sample click HERE.

Click the image for more info.

Soul School – Lesson 5: Would you be Offended if…

Soul School – Lesson 5: Would you be Offended if…

Welcome back to another Wednesday edition of Soul School. This one is called: Would you be Offended if I said you got Offended Way too Much

I hope you’re enjoying them. Just a reminder that these will continue until the end of 2015. If you enjoy this short format and these “lessons” let me know and I’ll keep them coming. I’ve heard from some of you and the the downloads are higher than I expected, but I may need some convincing to keep them going on a regular basis.

Tell me which one have you liked the best or which one has stood out the most?

Is there a topic you should I cover?

Send in your questions if you’d like.

I’m really excited to release my new book and I’ll be reading some excerpts from it on the podcast soon.

It’s called FORKED: A Discernment Pocket Guide (for Choosing Between Two Good Things).

If you’re in the middle of a tough decision or at a crossroads season of your life, this is the resource for you. To read a sample click HERE.

Click the image for more info.


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