My Latest Book

Everyone gets forked in life. Your path comes to a split and you have to choose which way to go.

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Navigating the territory of crossroad or difficult decisions is also called, in many faith traditions discernment.

My new book works like a practical pocket guide based on time-tested spiritual exercises that have helped people for over 400 years (The Spiritual Exercises by Ignatius of Loyola, originally written to help men make a wise decision about vocational priesthood).

FORKED: A Discernment Pocket Guide is a guidebook and an integrated process approach that includes all aspects of you.

Things we tend to leave out when we decide things like the intuition, the imagination, the godly passions of the heart that are the dream seeds God plants within us, and many more. Seven key exercises guide you through questions that help you understand yourself better.

As you navigate your interior world and the forks in your world are prayerfully understood in a way you have never encountered before. 

There is no one way to encounter the process either. You can progress through all of the the exercises, or pick the ones that make the best fit for you and your situation. Just grab a notebook and pen and begin.

Don’t be afraid to get started.

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 Here are some of my other books.

Rex the Boy King
(OLD SCHOOL high-quality printed book. No digital copy is available – I wrote these words to outlive me. It’s a story-form of what I’ve come to understand to be most important lesson in life.

For the love of it, I co-wrote a book called,
• “Dog in the Gap: Brief Explorations on Canine Care-Taking and Human Flourishing” (Kindle) with Prof. Doug Jackson. 10 poignant essays that just may evoke a new outlook.

Photos, stories, and stuff that will enlighten you in surprising ways. Click the image to read an excerpt to get a taste; or you can get the scoop on the book at the Dog in the Gap website, too.

Here’s a Dog lovers BONUS EDITION for just 2 bucks more. A bonus essay, lots of extra goodies (photos and bonus material) and some secret video links are embedded for the insider’s view. Check that out here!

Other books:

Life As Prayer: Revived Spirituality Inspired by Ancient Piety (Kindle)
(Brother Lawrence makes a great spiritual mentor. This book is great if you want to increase a felt awareness of God’s presence throughout your whole day, and was part of a Devotional Classic Project in Seminary.)

I Love You, (in Theory): The Misadventure of Christian Grace (Kindle)
(Originally written in 2006, and now finally released digitally!
Soul Care for Creators and Communicators (Kindle)
(A simple format with inspiration, Soul Care, and encouraging advice for those who create and communicate. This helps you fill up your tank to keep on with your calling.)

Sparky’s Go-to Guide for Dream Control (Kindle)

Total random bit that I fell into because I have lucid dreams rather often and I accidentally learned to hone the skill in childhood (long story). This is the first digital book of a possible larger (maybe ongoing? we’ll see…) series of Go-to Guides on a variety of topics.