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Photography (art and the spiritual)

I’ve been drawn into visual images recently, both fine art creations such as paintings, drawings, etc. and also photography. Beauty is really a calling from the Divine. God is Beautiful. Also the epitome of beauty and perfection. For all people beauty is one of those eternal ideals we all are drawn to on some other level. Every culture prizes it. It harkens to something more, something off the map. Art may bring us in contact with our longing, and our connection to this great mystery.

I’m going explore it a bit more with photography. Perhaps with nature and portraits. It is not the external, surface of beauty, I will seek, but the essence, really the Socratic form of it.

Awakening to the Power of Dreams

(Excerpts/edits, and reflections from my reading, “Dreams: A Way to Listen to God” by Morton Kelsey, Paulist Press, 1978. ISBN: 0-80911-2046-1)

• 99% of the time when you dream about others, you are really dreaming about some part of yourself (whether positive or negative).

• Dreaming about war or fighting nearly always has to do with inner conflict.

• Certain universal themes/plots like being chased by a shadowy figure, or finding a new area in a house, have to do with reconciling issues of the inner person, or self-discovery.

• Dreams abide in the realm of symbols. Watch for repetition, patterns, and the associations you have to the symbols in waking life to start to better understand them.

• Dreams can carry both personal and universal symbols, and point out places for personal growth, increased harmony, and prosperity (on all levels).

• If you feel your dreams are important, and take care to begin logging them, you will harvest much personal growth, (including interpersonally) and can experience added spiritual awareness.

• Whether we remember them or not, we dream 5-7 times per night. In studies, animals and humans deprived of dreams develop mental health issues.

If you would like to share comments on dreams or share a powerful dream here, go right ahead.

To discuss your dreams and their potential meanings privately, you may contact me through my website.

half empty/half full = problems/invitations

What if in a given day, even a difficult day, we thought of our struggles not as problems but as invitations?

For what you may ask?  To reveal something about ourselves we haven’t considered. To sharpen our growing edge. To incite growth. To realize that problems and struggles are character revealing and building. To see where God is within it–wanting the best for us.


Until today, I never considered jealousy as positive for the reason that desire lies behind it. Desire (behind jealousy) that is not negative, but helpful, creative, productive, and beneficial to others– can be rightly directed. I have squelched all jealousy, tried to kill it dead, and even denied it, but it exists in all of us. (Or I have let it ferment so it hurt me.) Jealousy crops up with/beside love too. If we appreciate the desire behind it as good, and accept who we really are, and what we really feel, perhaps we can channel all we are for the best. (For ourselves and others)

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