Time Abstracted [SSL84]

Time Abstracted [SSL84]

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This is Soul School Lesson 84

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Soul School – Lesson 48: Embodying Ritual and Transition

Soul School – Lesson 48: Embodying Ritual and Transition

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Show notes

Transitions in life, pivotal moments, and things of significance often stay in abstraction in our minds. Nevertheless, as humans we are embodied souls–if you will. We are beings who experience a full array of sensations with our felt senses. Instead of being cut off from these very human ways of interacting with the world and with each other, I say we should go the extra bit and bring our interior world to the surface in tangible and representational ways. What if we embody and physically ritualize this part of us–when it makes sense? That is, make it sacramental or give what is invisible a visible placeholder.

Today’s episode focuses on how we might integrate mind and body and inhabit or even perform in a space in the tangible world that allows for rites of passage or significant moments in our times of life transitions. What if we create a holistic and gracious space for our thoughts and feelings representationally, as we journey through difficult, monumental, or joyous moments that seem too rich or deep to keep within? Will this make it possible to be “more authentically ourselves”?

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