Episode 10 – Wine Headaches Explained and interview with Emily Miller

Episode 10 – Wine Headaches Explained and interview with Emily Miller

Episode 10 – Wine Headaches Explained and my interview with Emily Miller

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Today’s episode is brought to you by Soul Care for Creators and Communicators

This book offers a new way to see yourself and your calling.
If you are someone who creates and communicates in everyday life, this is a great read you will enjoy!


Today, I’m answering the big question I’m asked a lot at the Vineyard: how to avoid a red wine headache and why does it really happen.

…and I’m revealing some other facts about wine grapes.

The real reason people get a headache from red wine?
They are found in the skins of grapes, can give some people headaches if they are sensitive to histamines.  Red wine will affect a histamine sensitive wine drinker more than white wine because red wine has spent more time in contact with grape skins that host the histamines.

Some people think they get headaches because they are allergic to sulfur. Unlikely.
But, only 1% of the population has this allergy.

Other facts:
A serving of wine has only 80-100 calories

One Case of Wine

=30 pounds of grapes

=48 glasses of wine

=12 bottles of wine[smart_track_player url=”lisadelay.com/blog/2015/05/27/episode-10-wine-headaches-explained-and-interview-with-emily-miller/” social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_gplus=”true” ]


Sparking your Muse

emilymillerToday, we welcome journalist, reporter, and writer…

Emily McFarlan Miller

Her twitter address @emmillerwrites

Her website bio is very impressive and full of fun and fascinating stuff. You will find yourself clicking every link! Check it out here.

This was a fun interview!
Emily is a reporter and social media maven for the Chicago Sun-Times. She is also a Relevant magazaine regular contributor .

Most often Emily is asked to write about controversies, but she was happy to share with me good news about some churches making a big positive difference in the world.

We also chat about why we don’t hear more good news about the church. Her answer is very compelling.

Plus, we talk about her fascinating work with Hope for the First Nations, a nonprofit she founded with some friends right after she graduated high school. They partner with the Anishinaabe people of the White Earth Reservation. At the last board meeting, she was voted in as president!


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Hey, I Heard from Your Muse!

Originally The Muses refer to nine goddesses in Greek mythology who control and symbolize nine types of art known to Ancient Greece. As daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (memory personified) Muses are associated with artistic inspiration. It’s actually a rather clever pairing The Divine & Memory…a kind of divine memory or “remembering the divine nature of being creative” perhaps. Note the word used within “amuse”, “museum”, “music”, and “musing upon” still carry a bit of this in their meanings.

What I appreciate about the idea of Muses in association with creativity and inspiration is the notion that brilliance is not sourced in us. Instead by careful listening and doing the work we join up with something transcendent as we engage in creative pursuits.

This serves as a needed inoculation from the perils of both failure and success. Creative types…and by that I mean me (and maybe you)…are notoriously melancholy and can succumb to discouragement when we assume too much responsibility for our creative endeavors. When some of the pressure is off we do better.

Have you heard from your Muse lately?
What are you most proud of creatively?

Giveaway Winners and Rolling out the Series!

Giveaway Winners and Rolling out the Series!

What a flurry of activity in the last 10 days! The get-the-word-out pre-release giveaway has wrapped up! Thank you for participating!

Tomorrow is the release of Volumes 1-3
[Soul Care for Creators and Communicators Series].

A special thanks to my generous master editor: The fantastic Dr. Doug Jackson. His charity was  labor of love. My writer friends in the Bloggers Series were immensely supportive too. (Click here to read their fine contributions.)

This collection reads fast…like tv…and covers the topics:

• “What is the Soul? & What is Soul Care?”

This premise-building volume gets us to track from the same point onward. That fact is you and I need Soul Care, and we need it now. I’ll explain why.

•  Identity and Belonging

We deal with core needs. This targets how to find your place in this world and in your calling of creating and message-bearing. Without our bearings we’ll get off-track and discouraged. This important message is one you don’t want to miss.
•  The 8 Paths of Learning 

• Utilize the paths for your own growth. Progress faster and better.

• Guide others in a well-rounded process of knowledge and development

• Fresh insights and information on the learning paths you already use

• A potent approach to synthesizing and assimilating learning to produce transformation

Written in a way to amuse and designed in a visual format that reads as fast as tv. You won’t get bogged down and it’s all FREE:

Volumes 1-3 come to you for zilch when you sign up here.
(or with the widget in the sidebar)

A subscription also entitles you to a sweet discount on the entire 5 Volume collection arriving on May 10th. More info on that May 8th.


Subscribers also receive an appendage volume plus a visual resource chart (titled Volume 3.5) that introduces the 5 Learning Styles of the Soul and explains their nature and practical applications. Some stellar photos come with that too.

My friends with creative minds and hearts yearning to bear good news…Help is on the way! Check back tomorrow for the unveiling.

Here’s a sort video that explains the Series.
(All you Sesame Street fans may enjoy the comedic tribute.)

See you tomorrow!

Review of “You Are a Writer, So Start Acting Like One” -by Jeff Goins

Today, I’m neglecting my own ebook launch week to feature another author who is also launching his ebook at the same time. Don’t let today’s post confuse you. You can read yesterday’s post for the scoop on what I’m up to; and remember the get-the-word-out giveaway ends at the stroke of midnight tonight Eastern Standard Time.

Jeff sent me a free pre-released draft of “You Are a Writer, So Start Acting Like One”.

Which is more like a mashup of honest observations, reflections, and snippets.

eBook Summary:
This is a practical advice and how-to book, mixed with some short personal stories, and some material from previous ebook efforts.

Favorite Quote: I love this quote from the foreword concerning red-pen correction marks: “I would cry and brush it off and just accept the fact that I wasn’t a writer, until the day I realized I was one.”

Why I love it: I love this quote because it’s about identity. When you are a Creator or Communicator, you can’t help but be one. It doesn’t matter how full of red pen marks your papers are. Writers write. Creators create. It’s a core need.

That’s Jeff’s story and his book title is something he told himself.
“You Are a Writer, So Start Acting Like One”

This ebook has universal appeal for Creators and Communicators most as a how-I-did-it piece. Jeff reveals the details of what happened when he did as veteran author Steven Pressfield advised concerning “going pro” in his amazing resource:  The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. This is a vital lesson to learn. Jeff made it work. In this ebook he stresses “…and so can you”.

The parts I didn’t like:
• Perhaps 30% or so of the content is the same information from Jeff’s previous ebooks, which is fine if you haven’t read them, but could be somewhat perturbing if you have. Let the buyer beware.

• I tend to read authors with a greater command of writing craft. His format reads more like a quickly rendered blog post. Some might appreciate the casual style, while others may perhaps surmise hurriedness or inability. It may shrink to personal preference on that part, but an honest appraisal demands I mention it.

One of the best sections is where Jeff unpacks this list:

3 important relationships writers need.

Fans: You need to build meaningful connections with your tribe of followers.

Friends: You need to connect with others who are doing what you are.

Patrons: You need to earn influence with influencers who will support your work.

For whom this book is best:
How’s that for starchy grammar…?

This ebook is best for writers (and other communicators) just starting out who need the some tips and how-tos or need to learn the bones and practical ways to win the attention of editors in order to garner greater readership and establish their platform. It also helps muster one’s courage and gives a good boost to get started and keep going.

Personally: For me (though I’m not just starting out), I liked reading what he did to succeed. I learned that I’m actually doing bunch of things right, and I just need to keep it up to meet with success.

And hey! It’s only $4.99.

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