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Featured Writer: Dr Doug Jackson on Trinity Sunday 2

I wanted to feature this fine Sermoneutics article because I’ll be bringing the concept of Trinity to my class this Sunday.   Sermoneutics is a weekly column authored by Doug Jackson. Before coming to South Texas School of Christian Studies, Dr. Jackson pastored churches for nearly twenty-five years. For more from Doug Jackson, check out […]

Foot Washing (The Maundy Thursday observance) 7

Today, I’m tossing a lateral pass on writing. My friend, Doug has recreated the Last Supper in a short story form that is both potent, amusing, and contemporary, and thereby worth your read. I think you’ll like his take here: Excerpt: Jesus bolted from the dinner table – didn’t even say “May I be excused?” […]

Maundy Thursday

"Is God Knowable?" (Response to reader) 2

Responding to a reader regarding if it’s possible to “know God”.

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