Eps 117: To Love Ourselves As We Are: Guest, Hillary McBride

Eps 117: To Love Ourselves As We Are: Guest, Hillary McBride

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HA! Poetry in Motion, Sumo Style?

750 lbs doing the impossible.

I know what you’re thinking, “I never realized the beauty of Sumo wrestling.” Or maybe you’re thinking, “This is pure poetry in motion.” Or perhaps you’re thinking, “I wish I could scrub my brain!”

Would you like me to make a spiritual connection here? uh. Yeah. Sure… No problem.

This photo illustrates fat spiritual babies. Even when doing great there is still a hefty…ahem…amount of observable foolishness. (Old timers may remember Amy Grant’s little ditty, Fat Baby. Age to Age album 1982. Can you hear this music in the background? Read the fascinating lyrics here. (They don’t write them like this much anymore.) Link to video of live performance here. It’s worth it to see the early 80s hairdos.)

Leave any thoughts or comments! :)

Photo source NBC Sports.
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