Eps 122: Time Travel and Holy Purposes, guest Gene Stevenson

Eps 122: Time Travel and Holy Purposes, guest Gene Stevenson

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Today’s guest is Gene Stevenson.


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Eps 109: Pádraig Ó Tuama and Lumpy Crossings

Eps 109: Pádraig Ó Tuama and Lumpy Crossings

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Pádraig Ó Tuama

Poet, theologian, group worker, and leader of Corrymeela Community of Northern Ireland, Pádraig has worked with groups in Ireland, Britain, the US, and Australia. With interests in storytelling, groupwork, theology, and conflict, Pádraig lectures, leads retreats and writes both poetry, prose, and music..

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Esp 86: Decay, Death, Renewal, and Healing in DETROIT, guest Jessica Aguilar-Christy

Esp 86: Decay, Death, Renewal, and Healing in DETROIT, guest Jessica Aguilar-Christy

Welcome to Spark My Muse!

• Each FRIDAY, guests join me in a conversation.
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Today my guest is Jessica Aguilar-Christy. Jessica’s many talents, diverse background and work in the Detroit area got my attention, through our mutual connect Charlie Porter (host of Fable podcast). Our meandering conversation will give you a sense of the rebirth of Detroit as well as some surprising ways spiritual traditions and practices can cohere for a richer and more integrated life and service to others.

MIN 2:50

Learning yoga, finding healing, wisdom and integrating it with the Christian faith.

Yoga Sutra Patanjali – 5,000 year old text

8 fold path

Mantra Yoga

MIN 5:20 Hotha Yoga

Wisdom commonalities of the wisdom texts of the bible and the Yoga Sutra Patanjali

The bodily senses have been overlooked in modern Christian

MIN 8:20 Vinyasa yoga (linking breath and movement aka “hot yoga”)

MIN 11:30

Moving from cerebral and visual and leaving the body and staying in the head.

MIN 12:00

Apophatic and Katophatic ways of being

MIN 18:00

Jessica’s spiritual and religious background and her recent “trouble-making”

Charlie Porter of Fable podcast

Patty Lynch

Lynch and Sons (Mortician)

Slow Brew Theology and the power of story

22:30 Bible and Brew

Jefferson Ave Presbyterian Church

MIN 26:30

The story of Detroit (and especially recently)

MIN 30:30

90 years of Scottish Presbyterian tradition


MIN 33:00

The Detroit Pints and Parables Event

MIN 38:00

Let your symptoms teach you

Peter Rollins on Facebook Live FREE material

Friendly Fire Course

MIN 46:00

Death Salons trend

death class


MIN 49:30

Day of the Dead


Dia del los Muertos (Mexican)

Celebration of depleted loved ones.

All Saints Day in Catholic tradition.


Ghosts, people we miss, and grief

MIN 53:30

Book of Life

Death and grieving being a part of our spiritual formation


• Twitter @jesuyogini

Her website:
• Jesuyogini -Yoga teaching for followers of Christ

Detroit: Slow Brew Theology

• Twitter @slobrwtheology

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Eps 68: Discovering Fable – Guest Charlie Porter

Eps 68: Discovering Fable – Guest Charlie Porter

Today, I welcome podcaster, Charlie Porter of Fable Podcast as my guest.

fable logo

We cover a range of topics including his story of doubt and disorientation and then reconnection to deeper life and meaning through story.

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Show notes:

MIN 1:00
Charlie’s story of picking up the pieces and starting a new story.

MIN 4:00

Peter Pan and Captain Hook

• Peter Pan syndrome

Not wanting our faith to grow up. Not wanting to ask questions because that ground is uncharted.

MIN 10:30
On the old folk tales that tell us who we are, even now.

MIN 11:30

The role of fantasy and escapism after 9/11. (Lisa a la Brene Brown)
Charlie was in 8th grade during the Twin Tower attack–and has no cultural experience off “escapism”.

• Discourse Theory- Laclau and Mouffe – Nodal Points PDF

MIN 15:30 Captain American – Civil War

MIN 17:30

Charlie’s story about the homeless man in downtown Detroit.

MIN 24:30
Being aware of “Thin Spaces”

MIN 26:30
God’s call (in the Bible to his people) to remembrance.
Sacred places, festivals, sacraments, and times of being “woke”.

Drops Like Stars by Rob Bell

Anticipating “thin spaces” and getting through rocky times through vulnerability.

MIN 31:00
Truly seeing others.

George Fox “The Spirit can speak to thine own condition.” (possible quote)

Jacob is woken within his dream to see the angels going up and down from heaven.

Lucid Dreams

(my short book on the topic)

Neuroscience study – lucid dreaming (link)

• Mysticism or altered or new states of consciousness feels analogues to me (Lisa) in the way that lucid dreaming does.

“Am I a Buddhist and just don’t know? They’re talking about waking up.”

• Christianity is an Eastern religion. (Eastern Orthodox)

MIN 45:00
Being drawn into the mystery and a place beyond words and reason.

Enacting loving grace toward others when it doesn’t just stay in your head.

Incarnation and living in the world.

“Returned to Orthodoxy” – knowing the Jesus that is here now (not just the Jesus of the cross.)

Finding the Fable podcast:


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EPS 50: The Amazing Story of Bruce Van Horn

I’m excited to have Bruce Van Horn on the Spark My Muse podcast.

His story is inspiring and his coaching, his presence on the internet at his WEBSITE and social media where he is one of the most Retweet encouragers on Twitter, in books, and on his podcast heard in 194 countries (Life is a Marathon) he has been an encouragement to millions.

His book “Worry No More: 4 Steps to Stop Worrying and Start Living” is an Amazing International Best Seller.


MIN 5 Early in life Bruce got into Computers/IMB and tried to make his fortune and contentment externally.

Bruce losses it all at 27. At 42 loses it all again and feels like giving up.

MIN 10

How Bruce started to turn his life around and had his major epiphany.

How Bruce learned that the hardest part of running a marathon is the decision to run one (each day).

MIN 13

How Bruce applied his big success to all the aspects of his life.

MIN 15

How Bruce started to take responsibility for his whole life and take his thoughts captive and end negative self talk.

MIN 18

Peter Sage

“Complaints are the glue that keep you stuck to your problems.”

“Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill

Express gratitude for what you have because it makes it easier to get what you want.

Making a list of things to be grateful for—which, at first, was insincere.

MIN 20 What would you miss if it was gone?

MIN 22

Making changes in life and relationships. Changing language like eliminating sarcasm.

MIN 24 Starting a life coaching relationship that led to jobs all over the world.

MIN 28

The stage four cancer that changed everything.

The surgery that went wrong and no pain medication to recover with.

MIN 34

“In this moment, if I can breathe, I have everything I need.”

Pain is not a curse. Somehow this experience is a gift. The story was a detour not an end.

MIN 36

“Worry No More” the book

Worry is like Mediation done wrong.

MIN 39

Experience is thought in this moment. We are telling ourselves a story. We can see another story. Worry is a story about what you don’t want to happen. and you can tell a different story.

MIN 40

Life is a Marathon podcast

Heard in 194 countries around the world.

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