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UPDATE! 13% raised in just 3 Days (Rex the Boy King)

Whoot! We’re getting traction for the “Rex the Boy King” project. It’s really amazing to see people join in our journey to do a short-run, high quality printing of “Rex the Boy King”. I hope you can be a part of it too. We only have 43 days left! The kickstarter page (click here for […]


on Waiting…

Patience is rarely, if ever, attained by any other means than practice. Waiting is that practice.

Essay on Youth

The joy and glory of youth is the promise of accomplishment. Like graduation ceremonies and semi-finals matches.

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Find your Niche in 5 Minutes [VIDEO]

Most everybody agrees on that, but rare is the advice on how precisely to make that happen.
No more. (introducing the scoop method-brief video tutorial at a great price)

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