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on Waiting…

Patience is rarely, if ever, attained by any other means than practice. Waiting is that practice.


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Essay on Youth

The joy and glory of youth is the promise of accomplishment. Like graduation ceremonies and semi-finals matches.

a niche

Find your Niche in 5 Minutes [VIDEO]

Most everybody agrees on that, but rare is the advice on how precisely to make that happen.
No more. (introducing the scoop method-brief video tutorial at a great price)

cell key

Fear is Jail 2

Education and information don’t create success. If it did, success would be simple. Instead we have fear.

Moms, Don’t Wait for the Book Deal 4

The book deal that seemed so amazing? I can buy her book for $2.99 at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet just 6 months later. (I do it all the time.)

Banqueting Table, Part 2: Thoughts on Genius

What is “a genius”? Banqueting Table, Part 2

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