Eps 117: To Love Ourselves As We Are: Guest, Hillary McBride

Eps 117: To Love Ourselves As We Are: Guest, Hillary McBride

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Eps 78 – Guest, Peter Rollins on Lacking the Lack, Fighting Ghosts, and Reveling in the Raveling

Eps 78 – Guest, Peter Rollins on Lacking the Lack, Fighting Ghosts, and Reveling in the Raveling

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So many show notes!

Peter Rollins
Peter Rollins

MIN 1:30
How the use of story enhanced Peter’s talks.

Video Example:

The Power of Parable from Peter Rollins on Vimeo.

His book containing parables:

His “friend” Sheamus

Pints and Parables events

Pub culture in Ireland and not running from doubts and pain.
(Repression is the term in psychoanalysis)

Sharing in each other’s suffering.

Parables are a technology that help us look at painful things not directly so we can cultivate a grace in our lives and toward other people.Twitter

(You can instantly tweet this quote above by clicking the blue bird. Look for other blue birds in these show notes.)

JRR Tolkien
Eucatastrophe  (a good undoing, like the kind that happen in Fairy Stories)
Irish culture / music / art

Shane Tucker’s podcast

Green Belt Festival

The 18 foot woman in a dress at IKON. Ravel and unravel.

13:30 Pete’s Memento Mori

Pete’s Happy Reaper jacket pin

Something to remind you of death.
• Pete’s happy reaper memento mori.
• Lack and nothingness has a painful side but there is a way to find a fuel from it for life and living.

The painters called the Dutch Masters featured a theme: Vanity / futility of life.

Pieter Claesz, "Vanitas" 1630
Pieter Claesz, “Vanitas” (1630)

The authentic, lively and cohesive pub [juxtaposed with] the vacuous and lonely night club.

The IKON community

We already are depressed and don’t know it.Twitter

We say “Gone and not forgotten.”
The truth is usually “Forgotten but not gone.”

Believing in ghosts and hauntings.
A ghost is the presence of an absence.

Community can help us with our ghosts and make peace with them.

Friendly Fire Event (link)

Pyrotheology from Peter Rollins on Vimeo.

PyroTheology – Theory and Technology
5 academics

Engaging the Journal looking at the 5 critiques

Atheism for Lent course

Facebook LIVE events (link)
Philosophy for the streets

WAKE (2017) Festival in Belfast

Irish way to remember the life of the one who has dies and celebrate life for the living.

The Divine Magician (book link)

“God talk is often talk about ourselves with a megaphone “ -Karl Barth

The Vanishing Act of God the purposeful ambiguity in the title (Is God vanishing or doing the vanishing?)

Who is the magician? The Priest? The believer? God?
Liturgy is the technology of Theology.

The sacred object: The Forbidden Fruit is the first sacred object.

Video of Pete:

Tearing The Temple Curtain from Peter Rollins on Vimeo.

God is not an object that we love. God is that which we find in the act of love itself.Twitter

3 Elements of the magic trick: The Pledge (The Object), the Turn (The Disappearance), the Prestige (The Object returns as something else)

The Eucharist includes the 3 parts of the magic trick.Twitter

Pete’s event and speaking schedule

On naps!

Costs of living and why he lives in LA now.
Freedom from the pursuit of what will make you happy.

The tyranny of happiness is at its worst in Los Vegas and LATwitter

The serpent says,
“If you eat the fruit then you will be like God.”
(To lack the lack that we feel.)

• The serpent is called the superego in psychoanalysis.

Crush the head of the serpent.

Why and how Pete jogs in LA

Some other books by Pete you should check out!

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Checkmark Envy: How the ‘M’ word tells the truth about vanity

I’m warning you, right from the start. I’m going to use a word I haven’t used before when blogging, and maybe only 12 times otherwise. It’s one of those words that could make me lose all my readers, maybe even you. But, I’m going to do it, because I have to tell the truth.

I have “checkmark envy”. When I see the Verified Twitter Account, the checkmark reversed out of cyan, I want one, too. Badly. It’s been going on for about three months. It has everything to do with feelings of self-worth. Important people have Verified Accounts. People that matter. Wanting it has everything to do with sensing my value, and worst of all vanity.

So, I realized something, Vanity is spiritual masturbation.

Now that I said “the M word”, I want to unpack what I just said, so we don’t miss the forrest for the trees.

Some people think masturbation can make you blind. Do people still think this? This obviously reflects poorly on blind people. It’s made me question Stevie Wonder, for instance. Well, not really. (After I wrote this, I found out it’s Stevie’s birthday today…what a “God thing”, huh? I mean, sorry Stevie for that extra weird bit of undue attention on your special day.)

Some people think it’s perverted. Some think it’s necessary. Some think it’s just plain fun. Some say, when in doubt, do it. Like Nike, right? Never mind.

Here’s what it really is. It’s a reduction and diminution of a real and powerful thing. The goodness of sexual intimacy is given a shabby surrogate. It’s not more or better, it’s less. It’s a shortcut that cheats you–producing fulfillment temporarily, but soon leaving you feeling more isolated or lonely; even trapped, or increasingly compulsive.

Vanity is the same way, but more thoroughly. It holds hands and makes out with shame. It’s focused on sensing worthiness in a weird, circular, and disappointing quest.

I learned a lot about these sort of pitfalls of shame (a.k.a. “hame”. Yeah, refer to Brown video) yesterday, from Dr Brené Brown in this amazing (20 min) video about so-called “shame studies”. Watching it could change your life.

It’s given me the courage to admit this kind of spiritual masturbation addiction I avoid revealing.

I want to be somebody. God’s answer (healing) for this is to be thoroughly aware of being known and loved ever still in him. It’ll take my whole life to fully get there. This is but one of my forward steps.

Do you feel the need to be “verified”?

At Last! A new Corset for insecure men. Problem solved?

What does this look like to you?

That’s right, a girdle. A corset!

Fellas! Now your love handles, pot belly, and man cleavage will melt away. How slenderizing! (Please notice the reenforced cross-straps built into the back–not to be confused with women’s apparel, of course.)


So men can regain their girlish figures: The Dude Corset!


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