Teaming Up with Beacon Ads

Good news!

The folks at Beacon Ads thought I had enough “blog / internet cred” out there on the interwebs to join their stable of websites/bloggers with advertising management. Last year though. Nope.

What? you say… this….well, you know…The Big Leagues? Um, a wee little bit.

I’ve made some big gains in the last 6 months, but I’m still what you might call an “up-and-comer” …Fortunately if you have something to promote, this also means, compared to other Beacon sites (like Donald Miller, Michael Hyatt, the Gospel Coalition, and so on, you can click this to see them) ads here are a primo value. For this year anyway…Prime Spots, and Super reasonable pricing. After that? Who knows. I could be the next Beiber of the inter webs…or I could turn out more like Screech from Saved by the Bell.

Wasn’t that fun? (If this 10 second video didn’t play for you, here’s the link.)

Remember when Zach kissed Lisa, which was totally like stabbing Screech in the back? Screech just rips his shirt in calm but potent teen outrage. (Zach was a preppy, so this was NUTZ!) Late 1980s Saturday morning television in its heyday, people.

So if you have a book, a service, an album, a blog, a product, a trendy t-shirt, or some such “merch,” consider advertising right here, at this blog. To learn more just click the Advertise Here squares, and the folks at Beacon will make getting good promotion for you a snap!

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