Top and Favorite Posts

If you are new to this site,
or if you’d like to listen to some of my favorites, here is a partial list to get you started:

Some of my favorite guests:

Krista Tippett

Parker J. Palmer

Dr Ibram Kendi

Seth Godin

Omid Safi

Michael Wright

Dr. Lisa Barrett Felding 

Dr. Steven Porter

Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros

Cassidy Hall

Dr Dan Siegel

Erik Vance

Hillary McBride

My favorite solo episodes:

Related to Henri Nouwen [SSL98]

All That is Unsolved in Your Heart [SSL90]

Related to Thomas Merton [SSL102]

Verve of Silence [SSL119]

Leaning into Joy [SSL106]

I’ve done well over 400 episodes and it’s impossible to truly narrow it down.

To find more, please check the audio archives of guests on this website by going back to April 2015. You can also type in topics of interest to you into the “Search” field in the sidebar to locate the many topics that have been covered.

xo -Lisa