Esp: 91- Finding an Unhurried, Peaceful Life free of Burnout, Guest Alan Fadling

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Episode 91- Finding an Unhurried, Peaceful Life–free of Burnout, Guest Alan Fadling

Gem and Alan Fadling
Gem and Alan Fadling – of Unhurried Living, Inc.

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of Episode 91, that features my guest Alan Fadling, the author of the book An Unhurried Life, and the founder of Unhurried Living Inc.*

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*During this episode, I mentioned a book by John Ortberg, but at the time, I could not remember the name. Full details and a link to the book that speaks to the theme “hurry sickness’ are in the Show Notes! It’s an excellent resource. Check it out HERE.


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91- Finding an Unhurried, Peaceful Life–free of Burnout, Guest Alan Fadling

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