Eps 112: Quakerism, embodied spirituality, and Theo-poetics; guest: Callid Keefe-Perry

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Callid Keefe-Perry

Callid is a husband, father, and a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). He worships at Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting of New England Yearly Meeting and travels in the Ministry within and beyond the Friends’ denomination. Currently he is working toward his PhD in Theological Studies at Boston University’s School of Theology, where he focuses on Practical Theology and Religious Education. Broadly his work is at the intersection of imaginative and creative practices and their connection to pedagogy and spiritual formation.

Feature image of fish is in the public domain and called “Chase Still Life with Fish 1” from “Ergs Art Gallery. Visit www.ergsart.com

Callid’s book we discuss his Primer of Theopoetics
“A Way to Water”


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The conversation moves into Theopoetics at about minute 20.

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