Jame Prescott and I hosted a discussion Saturday January 9th and had Andi Combo Floyd stop in as our guest. Please enjoy the REPLAY. NOTE: The timezone difference (James is in the UK) seems to have messed with the how it recorded so it appears to be off a bit […]

[REPLAY of LIVE chat] Wisdom about Calling Andi Cumbo Floyd

My resources that I mention at MIN 7 in this conversation can be found at these links! It’s called the DAILY SHARPENING RITUAL and it’s based on a “gratitude journal” principle. Available at (It’s inter-faith) Gratitude Gratitude – prayer centered SHANE CLAIBORNE Episode referred to in the […]

Maintaining gratitude: A LIVE discussion 12/3/2015

8pm EST chat. My first test at a LIVE embedded chat at the website. I hope you enjoy it and tell me if it works for you as you participate. The replay will be here to watch if you can’t make the LIVE event. Chris and I hope to do […]

Mindfulness and Fear: A LIVE chat with Chris Shea