Lost in the Weeds

You know you’re lost in the weeds when frustration sets in.

The weeds.

That’s the place off the narrow path.

And what’s the common wisdom for those who are lost? Stay put.

You will be found.

And indeed, it’s not that God will look for you and find you.

Because he knows just where you are. And he knows you.

You will instead awaken to him, and finally

Notice that he’s beside you, and you are not lost at all.

The benefit of a solid theology

Is knowing that there is no place that God is not.

O, God, let me find you in the weeds.


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Spark My Muse

Lisa Colón DeLay writes often on matters of the attending to the inner life, creating a beloved community, spiritual formation, and consciousness. She is also a designer, teacher, speaker, and host of the weekly broadcast Spark My Muse since 2015. Lisa is Latina (born in Puerto Rico) and holds an MA in Spiritual Formation and is the author of "The Wild Land Within" (Broadleaf Books) and other books.

3 thoughts on “Lost in the Weeds”

  1. I like this. So true! And it gives me comfort to know that God is always there for me. The question I really should ponder is am I there for Him?

  2. For me? No. I’m not there for him. It’s super unequal. Thinking like that sets me back, b/c I’ve habitually felt inadequate. And that’s a burden too great to bear. For me, I need the comfort to know that he’s always there, and meets me in whatever stage of faithfulness or unfaithfulness I’m in.

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