Esp 88: Suggestible to Healing-Placebo Science, guest Erik Vance

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Today, my guest is Erik Vance a researcher and science water whose work has been published in The New York TimesScientific American, and National Geographic. He is the author of

Suggestible You: The Curious Science of Your Brain’s Ability to Deceive, Transform and Heal published by National Geographic

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MIN 2:00

When the brain heals or cures the body without medicine and studying the placebo effect.

Being a Christian Scientist as a child and experiencing faith healing.

MIN 4:30

Faith healing and gullibility


1940s studies determined that the non responders to placebo “pure”, the the response in part of being human.

MIN 7:30

Hypnosis and being “talented” if you are hypnotizable.

[My conversation with Magician Kevin Ferguson about HYPNOSIS and DECEPTION]

MIN 8:30

Expectancy, belief, and placebo effect

MIN 10:30

Priming and doctors using he placebo effect to help people.

Brain is a giant prediction machine.

MIN 12:30

When Erik got electric shocks and his brain filled in the gaps

MIN 15:00

Distraction and pain killing and hypnosis

MIN 18:00

Memories, Suggestibility, and Placebo

Dr Steven Porter – False and Implanted Memories and placebo

[My episode with Dr Porter on implanted and false memories.]

Who we are is so tied up in our memories

MIN 20:30

3 phases of memories


memories and expectation for healing

MIN 23:30

Flashbulb memories and how memories changed

MIN 25:00

Eastern vs. Western medicine in terms of healing and placebo

Now used more in certain conditions that track with placebo research and findings.

MIN 28:30

The conditions that respond to placebos

MIN 30:30

Placebo effect that works on top of medicines

MIN 32:30

Marketing medicine in certain ways to increasing effects

MIN 34:30

The rules in play that can cause a 60% response rate to placebos

MIN 36:30

Want Nocebo is (“I shall harm”)

MIN 38:00

Fear is powerful motivator

MIN 38:30

Superstitions, curses (nocebo) and when Erik ask a witch doctor to curse him

MIN 43:00

Proper Hoc Ergo Hoc

(looking for a cause as a reason after something happens)

Creating narratives

MIN 46:00

Cursing other people

Body language and intensions

What doctors can communicate without realizing it



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MIN 50:00
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