Soul School – Lesson 43: Locating Hell & Heaven – CS Lewis

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Today is SOUL SCHOOL. It comes to you EACH WEDNESDAY.
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What do we mean, if anything, by the words heaven and hell outside of post-mortem propositions?

Could the concepts mean something for us in this world, before we die? Something about our state of mind or how we live?

I found an intriguing podcast episode about CS Lewis’ short book The Great Divorce on the Kindling Podcast and I wanted to share a piece of it with you as well as some of my own thoughts. Please listen to the whole Kindlings episode linked below when you get the chance. I hope you like this installment of Soul School. Pass it on to someone who might like it too.

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Hear the entire podcast I’m referring to here:

• The Kindling Muse Podcast with Earl Palmer The Great Divorce: An Imaginary Story by C.S. Lewis

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