Spring Lavishly [SSL 302]

On lilies, remembrance, fasting, hope, rebirth and two poems to help us as we settle into this holiday week 2024. Don’t miss Part II ⬇️ at the substack page.

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EPS 55: Living out the Resurrection – Guest Christine Sine

I have an Easter treat for you, and of course it’s a gift that will give all year long–no matter when you stumble onto this episode!

My guest is Christine Sine, M.D. an author, blogger, teacher, gardener, spiritual contemplative and the Executive Director of Mustard Seed Associates.

She has much to tell us about Christian spiritually lived in a healthy, whole, and fully-embodied way.


The Show Notes are SO full of links to books and resources. Scroll down for all of those.

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Be sure to visit the Godspace – Mustard Seed Associates website frequently, like I do, for many treasures on your journey.


Christine’s experience as a medical doctor and director on Mercy Ships and her development on the ideas of health and wholeness.

MIN 4:30

Wholeness and the connection she found to Celtic Christian Spirituality.


Celtic Christianity as a brand of faith was identified with the poor and family and not connected with wealth and power associated with the Holy Roman Empire and European monarchs.

MIN 11

Creation in translucent. God is shown through it.

MIN 14

God speaks through two books: The Bible and The Book of Creation.

MIN 17

The many expressions of faith that shaped Christine.

MIN 20

Tapping into the tools, history, and learning resources (often through technology) to enliven and enrich our faith.

MIN 21

Listening for the voice and presence of God and joining God in what is already happening. This avoids burnout. The Jewish view of the day starts with rest and sleep and God at work.

MIN 24:30

On her Godspace-msa.com website and the resource center with guest writers.

MIN 27

Easter and the Resurrection

MIN 29

Seasonal resources and family resources

MIN 30

Books recently influential to Christine:

To the Table: A Spirituality of Food, Farming and Community by Lisa Graham McMinn

A Spirituality of Listening by Keith Anderson

Barbra Brown Taylor “An Altar in the World”

“Learning to Walk in the Dark”

Henri Nouwen

Christine Valters Painter
Lectio Divina

Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Completive Practice

MIN 35

Contemplative Christian spirituality

her poem

This is a link to Christine’s other books

Find Christine on these outlets:

  • Twitter
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  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

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Soul School – Lesson 22: What Causes Rebirth of the Heart?

Today, I talk about the 5 things that precipitate rebirth in the heart. It’s the realm of renewal, revival, and awakening. It goes by many names, of course. Have you encountered some form of it in your own life?

Want to share your own experience of rebirth? Go HERE to the community page. 

Welcome to Soul School. It’s a Hump Day (Wednesday) tradition.

PART 2 of this Soul School Lesson is equally as good.

Two main topics are covered:

“What is happening in the brain during a ‘rebirth experience’ ” AND
“The 4 Reasons Why Such an Experience is So Important”.

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3/12 [LIVE discussion-REPLAY] on the themes of Easter

Guest Shane Blackshear and I discuss the themes of Easter and re-birth and also heaven, N T Wright, resurrection, Holy Week, and more.

SKIP AHEAD to MIN 6:50 – we had some audio issues at the beginning. And Blab captures a 1-2 second audio lag. You will notice it in the dialogue exchange. It is a bit out of sync.

This happened LIVE on 3/12/2016.