EPS 36: 30 Books in 10 Years, Mary DeMuth talks about healing through her career


Mary is the author of thirty books, including her latest: The Day I Met Jesus: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels. She has spoken around the world about God’s ability to uncage a life, bringing needed freedom to her audiences. You can visit her website at MaryDeMuth.com

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What is an “Uncaged Life”?

Being set free from the past and living with an abundant mindset.

The Day I met Jesus

co-authored with Frank Viola
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Worth Living (new book in Spring 2016)

Finding healing through writing books.

How to have a broken heart without becoming walled-off.

Praying through the Lord’s Prayer as an avenue for healing a broken heart with a mindset towards relationships (community).

Mary’s story of how she realized how true healing could be found.

The cost of shutting out pain is the cost of the love and joy that is also shut out.

The treadmill of wanting to be noticed.

Finding worthiness through self-centered consciousness.

How has she found safe people.

Traits of safe people.

What draws us to others.

On conversational parenting

Modeling authenticity, authentic faith, and being real and imperfect.

Why kids often rebel.

Bringing stability to the home. Thinking of relationships as an unfolding story.

When you can’t measure it (i.e. relationships).

How life is measured: relationships and connections.

Not too many books about launching your children in the world.

Are you a mature Leader? {Mary DeMuth on Being a ‘Deeper Leader’}

Are most leaders mature?

“whaa WHAH!”
(That’s the “nope” sound from Sesame Street in case you’re wondering.)

A deeper leader leads from a place of integrity and maturity.

I’m very happy to be partnering with Evangelical Seminary to bring greater awareness and dialogue to the topic of Leadership and Spiritual Formation. Their new (part distance/part in-person cohort learning method) under 2 year graduate studies program prioritizes spiritual maturity in leadership training, and in our culture, it’s sorely needed.

I’m looking into getting a second masters degree. That’s how good this program is.
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The first featured guest writer in this new phase is unveiled today! It’s none other than prolific author, the “living uncaged” Mary DeMuth. Read her contribution on leadership here.

Mary DeMuth is Living Uncaged!