Eps 211: Shaky Ground and Deconstructing; Guest, Traci Rhoades

My conversation with Traci Rhoades on her new book is perfect if you’ve felt like you’ve been on some sort of shaky ground. ⬇️

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Eps 198: Jesus and John Wayne | Guest, Kristin Kobes Dumez

Kristin Kobes Du Mez gives us Jesus and John Wayne: An incisive look at conservative Christianity and culture in America over the last 75 years.
Now available in paperback!
Jesus and John Wayne by Kristin Kobes Du Mez
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Eps 101: How Racism Came to America, Guest Dr Kendi

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 Today my guest is award-winning author and historian Dr Ibram Kendi. He is the 2016 winner of the National Book Award for non fiction and the youngest winner ever in that category. At the time of this interview, he was teaching at the University of Florida, and weeks later became Professor of History and International Relations and the Founding Director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University

Dr. Kendi’s book:

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Eps 62: The [Christian] Argument for Absolute Non Violence

Today my guest is Preston Sprinkle. Preston is a professor and the Vice President of the Idaho extension of Eternity Bible College. He has written on topics most people are afraid to talk about like Hell, Homosexuality, and Violence.


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MIN 2:00
The 2 reasons why Preston wrote about non violence.

on culture, Christianity, and patriotism

MIN 7:00

Anabaptist – John Howard Yoder

Stanley Hauerwas

Greg Byod

Using violence and not using violence are not the only options in the real world. 1

MIN 11:20
Old Testament genocide and violence

MIN 13:30
The trajectory of violence. God does not accept it and most prophets speak out against it.

MIN 14:30
A Christian cannot build a logical case for violence.

MIN 15:40
Why Preston advocates for absolute for absolute non violence and violence is never justified.

MIN 16:30
The #1 burden is that Evangelicals want to 1st restore to violence.

MIN 18:40
There is a militaristic spirit in Evangelicalism

Andrew Bacevich

American cultural influence

MIN 22:00
What do we do about ISIS?
What causes more violence and death?
Has violence really prevented more violence?

MIN 27:00
Jeremy Courtney
Preemptive Love Coalition

Being agents of ealing and peace. Building a bridge between Christians and Muslims.

MIN 31:30
What personal changes has Preston noticed in his own life as a result on his work on the topic?

MIN 37:30
Theology in the Raw


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EPS 54: Online “Truth Bombs”, Karma & Deeper Grace – Guest Ray Hollenbach

Today, I’m featuring a returning guest, my friend, Ray Hollenbach: teacher, blogger, writer, former pastor, and now a facilitator of the Deeper Seminars. Ray trains leaders and any one interested in deepening their spiritual maturity and walk of faith in the Fruit of the Spirit in small group settings so lasting transformation is likely.

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Click image to get to Ray's website.
Click image to get to Ray’s website.



Grace is a rich word we use a lot and simply go shallow with too much. How do Christians most often get the concept wrong?


Karma is the voice of reason and Grace is the voice of Love.

We want karma for others and grace for ourselves.

Justice and Grace


The oppressor is also oppressed.

Victim and victimizer are both held captive.

MIN 10

Roman 8:1

Offering others assurance of not having condemnation.

MIN 11

on GRACE for Difficult people

MIN 14

The person with the problem is the person who thinks there is a problem.

MIN 16:30

Stewardship (of grace) to not expose others and be brutal online or otherwise.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

MIN 21

The medium of being protected by a screen and not going to someone alone and face-to-face to win over a brother or sister.

MIN 22

Truth Bombs

What do we do with our outrage?


“The anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God”

ASK: How big is your sphere really?

Renevere podcast “not having to have the last word” Dallas Willard

MIN 28


The Deeper Seminars (link)

Relationally combining grace and truth

MIN 32 What “Grace teaches” means

Titus 2:11-12

3 movements of grace

  • salvation – forgiveness
  • how to say no to ungodliness
  • how to live upright sensible lives in this present age

Fruit of the Spirit (link to Ray’s first guest podcast) and the biggest misunderstanding about it.

Not attained but instead or the byproduct (result) that show we are living a life with God (Divine Love).

John chapter 15

FREE=to=Download [PDF] Exercises from Ray.

Deeper Grace – Exercise One
Deeper Grace – Exercise Two
Deeper Grace – Exercise Three

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