Eps. 209 | How Helpers can Get Care They Need: Guest, Holly Oxhandler

Holly Oxhandler is my guest. She is the author of “The Soul of the Helper”

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Eps 147: Living Deliberately; Guest, Chris Bailey

Today, my guest is Chris Bailey the author of  “Hyperfocus: How to Be More Productive in a World of Distraction”

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Esp: 91- Finding an Unhurried, Peaceful Life free of Burnout, Guest Alan Fadling

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Episode 91- Finding an Unhurried, Peaceful Life–free of Burnout, Guest Alan Fadling

Gem and Alan Fadling
Gem and Alan Fadling – of Unhurried Living, Inc.

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91- Finding an Unhurried, Peaceful Life–free of Burnout, Guest Alan Fadling

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EPS 25: Best Productivity Hacks for Working from Anywhere

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Kyle Reed

Today, I’m joined by Kyle Reed.

Kyle’s free resources like his “Hack Monday” resource and the “Task Sheet” caught my attention as I’ve tried to figure out how to make best use of my time amid all the distractions. If you’re pressed for time or just want more mental bandwidth to be at your best, you’ll love our conversation.

• You can squeeze so much more out of your day if you plan it right–See the bottom of the show notes to link to his page of free resources that will make it all much easier and faster.



Many of us have lots of ideas. It’s the execution that’s the problem.

Productivity is the bigger issue.

How do we defeat ourselves as creatives and hard workers.

Creativity is mainly intangible.


Planning your day. Best tips and productive routines.

15 min that can save you hours.

Writing down tasks with time-tables and timers.

Minimizing distractions

Working at home challenges.

Respecting yourself as a person doing real work at home.

Making your home office feel legit

How to stop feeling like there is always more to do right now.


Pajama power?

Treating yourself as a professional.


The prevailing  myth that working at the office is productive even in high tech companies.


Trust issues and ensuring accountability with a boss and an office.


What environments best help creativity and productivity.


Company culture and values.


Kyle’s Productivity tools.

Having 5 million Facebook fans to take care of (from music celebrity accounts) made him rethink everything!


The Task Sheet tool.

Hack Monday tool (a tool for the week, month, and year)


Social media calendar tool for promoting content and projects.

Marketing template download to help write a marketing plan.

Taking the time to organize first saves so much time.


When to outsource tasks and the tools can help.

Batching tasks.


Entrepreneurs know how to take a calculated risk for the benefits it will reap later.


The fear that stops us from finishing.


The self talk that helps us get the work get.

Doing the work when it stinks.


The importance of relationship and being in a community of “doers”.


Using what has helped him and sharing it to build a following and meeting needs.


The 20-something blogger mentoring project that turned into a 500 person community.


Giving people resources and sticking with young adults.


The paralysis of too much information.


What is meant by “Standing on (the shoulder’s of) Giants”

@kylereed follow him on TWITTER


The Spark challenge I gave Kyle.

Identifying what we need to get done and what needs to be handed-off.

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