Soul School – Lesson 5: Would you be Offended if…

Welcome back to another Wednesday edition of Soul School. This one is called: Would you be Offended if I said you got Offended Way too Much

I hope you’re enjoying them. Just a reminder that these will continue until the end of 2015. If you enjoy this short format and these “lessons” let me know and I’ll keep them coming. I’ve heard from some of you and the the downloads are higher than I expected, but I may need some convincing to keep them going on a regular basis.

Tell me which one have you liked the best or which one has stood out the most?

Is there a topic you should I cover?

Send in your questions if you’d like.

I’m really excited to release my new book and I’ll be reading some excerpts from it on the podcast soon.

It’s called FORKED: A Discernment Pocket Guide (for Choosing Between Two Good Things).

If you’re in the middle of a tough decision or at a crossroads season of your life, this is the resource for you. To read a sample click HERE.

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Soul School – Lesson 4

This episode is called Shift for Homecoming

When the people closest to us don’t seem to understand us at our deepest level and in other ways we can start to feel deeply disconnected and become weary in our soul.

We are actually longing for something we might not realize…homecoming.

If you think I should continue these short weekly lessons, please let me know. I’m testing out this format until the end of 2015 and letting you decided.

This Friday will be an interview with famed author Mary DeMuth.

Also, this week is the slow roll out release of my new book on making wise decisions at the forks in our roads called FORKED: A Discernment Pocket Guide (for Choosing Between Two Good Things).

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Soul School – Lesson 3

Soul School Lesson 3 – Infectious Hurried Syndrome

For the rest of the year Soul School a new Soul School episode will be released on Hump Day (Wednesday). If you enjoy this short episodes meant to increase mindfulness and soul care, let me know and I’ll continue them in 2016.

Have you have noticed how a whole day can go by and you were so hurried that it’s hard to remember what even happened in your day?

Soul School – Lesson 2


This is the second Soul School.

It’s a short episode with a few things to think about for the week. If you listen in let me know. If you have questions or suggestions, lay ’em on me.

Soul School – lesson 1

"Safe Neighborhood?" (creative commons photo by Josve05a Flickr)
(creative commons photo by Josve05a Flickr)

Here is something different.

It’s a short episode with a thought experiment, a kind of class in “soul school”.

Let me know what you think.

I’d like to intersperse short “lessons” with my typical interview episodes. I’ll do a few as a test and see where it goes.