Has Life Ever Felt NOT Real? [SSL 309]

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Eps 174 – Together we heal; Guest, Liz Mullinar

Liz Mullinar is one of the founders of Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (now Blue Knot Foundation) and is the Founder of the Heal For Life Foundation (formerly Mayumarri Healing Centre) and created the TREE (Trust, Release, Empower Educate) Model of Trauma Recovery Mullinar is regarded as an expert in the field of trauma. In 2019, she presented the TREE model at the International Congress of Trauma and Attachment alongside other trauma experts. We discuss her practical and extensive book “Heal for Life: How to Heal Yourself from the Pain of Childhood Trauma” a guidebook detailing her knowledge from over 20 years of supporting survivors of childhood trauma to heal. On the webpage, you can scroll down for the audio player.) (If you have issues getting triggered, like I have, you might enjoy a previous episode I did for a Soul School lesson reflecting on Liz’s material called “How-to De-Trigger.”)

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