Here is another (short) installment in exploring the theology of disability and the spiritual growth/development of my autistic son, Nathan (age 11) who has recently claimed that he doesn’t not believe in God (see previous posts). Part of the spiritual formation process involves engagement with mortality; and so it does […]

Death of Pet (Nathan encounters mortality/separation, video)

    Our ability to give hinges on our idea of how the world is, does it not? If we believe we must hold tightly to what we have, our ability to receive will also be hindered. If we perceive others, God, or even life in general to be sparse […]

The Generosity Plexus

This Sunday is my final lesson in the Route 66 Series (Adventures in Spiritual Formation). I will be reviewing the last 11 weeks (briefly), and then capping it off with an examination of the passage of what has come to be called, The Lord’s Prayer. And we will pray it […]

The Lord’s Prayer is…

I wanted to feature this fine Sermoneutics article because I’ll be bringing the concept of Trinity to my class this Sunday.   Sermoneutics is a weekly column authored by Doug Jackson. Before coming to South Texas School of Christian Studies, Dr. Jackson pastored churches for nearly twenty-five years. For more […]

Featured Writer: Dr Doug Jackson on Trinity Sunday

Have you ever heard someone say, “The Bible says you can’t get a tattoo.” or “God’s law says women shouldn’t dress like men,” or made some truth statement about Christian conduct based on The 10 Commandments, or one of the laws from Leviticus or Deuteronomy? Can New Testament Christians (most […]

What Laws did Christ Fulfill? (Or, should we follow ancient ...

The thought crossed my mind that some people could see me naked Saturday, if there is The Rapture. So, really that’d be judgment Day for sure. I should have lost more weight. It saddens me that some have sold all their things because of believing Harold Camping. I sort of […]

Leaders & Mind Control

          Thank you to Jeff Roop (not to be confused with Jeff Roop, Actor: Vampire High; born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) for weighing in on Leadership today with this article. Servant Leadership Servant leadership is a common theme within Vineyard churches with the emphasis on […]

Guest Writer: Jeffrey Roop on 5 Insights of Upside Down ...

I asked my friend, Ed Cyzewski, to guest post this week. I knew the topic on church and culture, in his  book Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life would make an excellent companion post for the class I’m currently teaching. I urge you to get a copy, by clicking […]

The Bible, the Church, and Culture: Guest Post, Ed Cyzewski

Tomorrow marks my first day of teaching a 12 week stint on Spiritual Formation. I’m relating the journey of faith with and toward God to a scenic road trip, like Route 66. Early on, Route 66 was well-traveled as people moved westward for a better life. Decades later, it became […]

Jump In! (Road Trip)

Today a recommendation: Here is a distinctively Evangelical slant at praying the Scriptures for our children by Thom Turner, using an Eastern Orthodox lens. It is an interesting place to begin exploring this topic, and enact practices like these for our offspring, (or the children in our lives). In this way, […]

Praying for Children-UPDATE