Adjacent to Power, Uncorrupted [SSL185]

Today, I share some of my dialogue with Benjamin Young about the life and legacy of the wiseman of the Babylonian Empire, Daniel. My response includes dynamics that are featured in my forthcoming book “The Wild Land Within: Cultivating Wholeness Through Spiritual Practice”. 🚩 You can order my book here: Or, you can help an independent bookshop by shopping here: 🥰

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Eps 127: 3 Companions for the Wilderness

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Today, Lisa Deam returns as a guest.

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Eps 95: Who Were the Medieval Woman Mystics?

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 Today my guest is Dr. Wendy Farley a Professor of Christian Spirituality and Director of the Program in Christian Spirituality at San Francisco Theological Seminary. Dr. Farley, a premier theologian who has written extensively on women theologians and mystics, religious dialogue, classical texts, contemporary ethical issues, and contemplative practices, has been a member of the faculty of Emory University since 1988. She is the author of many books and articles, including the one we will discuss today, The Thirst of God: Contemplating God’s Love with Three Women Mystics (Westminster John Knox, 2015) which hexplores the spirituality of medieval mystics Marguerite Porete, Mechthild of Magdeburg and Julian of Norwich.


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of Episode 95, with Wendy.

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The Four Loves and Dogs


I’m SO excited that our  book “Dog in the Gap” has been so well received. It’s even sold over a dozen copies BEFORE the Official release date!

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It was great to read a stellar review by Crystal Hurd, too. Crystal is a C.S. Lewis scholar and Lewis makes several appearances within the pages of “Dog in the Gap” thanks to my co-author Doug, a celebrated C.S. Lewis enthusiast and scholar in his own right. (He may be reluctant to tout it, but I’m fine telling you that he was even invited to the UK to present a paper on C.S. Lewis recently.)

But back now to the good tidings!

Enjoy this EXCERPT from Crystal Hurd’s blog:

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 8.12.41 PM


Lewis writes in his non-fiction work The Four Loves, ‘Emerson has said, ‘When the half-gods go, the gods arrive.’ That is a very doubtful maxim. Better say, ‘When God arrives (and only then) the half-gods can remain.’ In other words, when we fall under the all-wise (and therefore safe) authority of the One God, we can carry out our God-given responsibilities without becoming tyrants.  And among those responsibilities is the duty to woo the rational and relational in the lower animals.  Humanity’s creation in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26) means, among other things, that we carry an inborn desire to sub-create rational begins and have relationships with them.


What great truth is this.  Have we ever considered that our responsibility to animals is molded after God’s responsibility of His children?  And as His children, do we always carry this responsibility with the same fervent devotion and attention that He offers to us?  It completely redefines the relationship I have with my pets and by extension to the animal kingdom at large. Not only do we forge important relationships with animals and gain substantial perspective (and companionship), but we also please our Father, the author and creator of Love who is the Great Architect of deep and meaningful connections.

Read the rest of Dr Crystal Hurd’s Review here.

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