Who Were You Before? [SSL 305]

An exploration of the wounded inner child and how certain temptations and misguided desires start early on in us when we are vulnerable and young and then experience instability, loss, or pain.

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Do You Invert Hospitality? SSL 273

Today a reading from Cindy S. Lee’s book and thoughts on connection, hospitality, and mutuality.

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The Challenge of Exile [SSL 222]

Today, I update you on my “hero’s journey” of sorts and some of the facets we face during exile, upon our return, and becuase of the “exile of our human condition.”

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The Rut of the Insular


When the rain is coming sideways 

And the fog is inching near

Many times the universal feeling is alone-ness

But if it is universal, how can it still be true, completely?

It is a paradoxical, yes?


Somehow we can be crowded and still alienated, apart.

Never touching another in the way that is the least bit beneficial (in those times).

The gap to someone else feels like miles, becuase real interiors are too protected 

Fortified. Insular.

Like a walled city that starves itself into extinction, we can get into a rut like this.

What’s it like for you?

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