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Wild Whole [SSL186]

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Sarah L. Sanderson
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Hunger of the Heart, Dr Howard Thurman [SSL128]

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Eps 62: The [Christian] Argument for Absolute Non Violence

Today my guest is Preston Sprinkle. Preston is a professor and the Vice President of the Idaho extension of Eternity Bible College. He has written on topics most people are afraid to talk about like Hell, Homosexuality, and Violence.


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MIN 2:00
The 2 reasons why Preston wrote about non violence.

on culture, Christianity, and patriotism

MIN 7:00

Anabaptist – John Howard Yoder

Stanley Hauerwas

Greg Byod

Using violence and not using violence are not the only options in the real world. 1

MIN 11:20
Old Testament genocide and violence

MIN 13:30
The trajectory of violence. God does not accept it and most prophets speak out against it.

MIN 14:30
A Christian cannot build a logical case for violence.

MIN 15:40
Why Preston advocates for absolute for absolute non violence and violence is never justified.

MIN 16:30
The #1 burden is that Evangelicals want to 1st restore to violence.

MIN 18:40
There is a militaristic spirit in Evangelicalism

Andrew Bacevich

American cultural influence

MIN 22:00
What do we do about ISIS?
What causes more violence and death?
Has violence really prevented more violence?

MIN 27:00
Jeremy Courtney
Preemptive Love Coalition

Being agents of ealing and peace. Building a bridge between Christians and Muslims.

MIN 31:30
What personal changes has Preston noticed in his own life as a result on his work on the topic?

MIN 37:30
Theology in the Raw


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Eps 59: Adam and John from The Deconstructionist Podcast

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This week is the celebration of 1 year of podcasting!
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Adam Narloch and John Williamson started a podcast and after just a few episodes, they had thousands of listeners–find out why. Our conversation is wide-ranging and fantastic!


MIN 1:30

The deep seated need to find a home to talk about uncomfortable issues of faith and doubt.


Talking about the Bible first and having a wide range of guests, worldviews, and topics.


A no debate policy


Asking “Is this a Christian podcast?”


Realizing audience and context


Tempted to lead double lives when you can’t ask questions.


The conservative Christian bubble and fear-based groups.


The difficulty of building our lives around mystery.

We aren’t saved through scripture.


All the ideals are mystery. Many concepts can’t be measured.


Metaphor and biblical metaphor and historical truth.

A return to mystery in science and faith that beautifully underpins reality.


Confirmation bias and protecting our identity.

CS Lewis – the Weight of Glory (and other essays) influenced Adam

A Grief Observed

Surprised by Joy  “temples building not built”

It’s about mercy

Francis Schaeffer

Catholic writers write about the spiritual dark night

God takes away our idols.


Greg Boyd

Benefit of the Doubt – making an idol out of certainty.

pleasure and threats in the brain


Why the Deconstructionist podcast is NOT part of the fringe and rather is orthodox, but won’t seem that way for too many.


Will Adam get fired?

We should not believe by proxy.


The church [has become] a box of puppies that licks each other” -Adam Narloch


How the Deconstructionist event went in a third space.

(music, art, camaraderie, coffee bar)


All are welcome but the Christian bubble is titanium.

• John’s Twitter

• Adam’s Twitter

The Deconstructionists Podcast (link)