Reflections on the Prince of Peace [SSL 210]

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Good News, first for Shepherds [SSL146]

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Glory Coming Home [SSL116]

Welcome to another Wednesday audio delivery of Spark My Muse. This is Soul School Lesson 116 [SSL116]

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CORRECTION: The audio contains a mistake.
The Holy Spirit (God within) was given to the disciples Jesus at Pentecost during the Festival of Weeks. It happens exactly 7 weeks after Passover.  It refers to the harvesting of grain. First, the come the harvest of barley and in the final seventh-week, comes the harvest of the first wheat.
Also it celebrates the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.
(The Jewish Feast of the First Fruits happened fifty days after the Feast of the Weeks. The Feast of the First Fruits was a first-harvest celebration day when grapes (and probably other fruit) were enjoyed.)

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Eps 108: Exploring the figure of Jesus, as the Son of Man, guest Daniel J. Kirk

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Daniel J. Kirk writes and speaks about the big story of the Bible and how it intersects with life, faith, and culture. He earned a Ph.D. in New Testament from Duke University and taught in a variety of institutions over a ten-year teaching career. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Laura and two school-aged children. His back yard has been overrun by chickens who have no interest in being confined to their designated space, and his refrigerator is regularly stocked with his homebrewed Cursing Reverend beer.

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Eps 76: The Sin of Certainty and Misunderstanding the Bible: Guest Peter Enns

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Peter Enns’s website (with a new podcast as of MARCH 2017)

Pete on TwitterPeterEnns

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SHOW NOTES to Eps 76:

MIN 1:00 Who is Peter Enns?

MIN 2:00

What was the path that led to writing “The Sin of Certainty”

Pete’s BLOG link

Pete’s controversy? Wait. What?

MIN 4:30

On uncomfortable things.

Suggestion alternate ways of thinking that are compelling that alone can be too uncomfortable and resisted sometimes.

Centrist background and when went to Westminster Seminary and taught there.

Inspiration and Incarnation (book link)  The problem on the OT.

MIN 8:30

Adam – BioLogos

The Evolution of Adam

Genesis and Science speak two different languages.

Medieval Jewish readings of the Genesis story Adam reflects and parallel the story of Israel and paradise land.

Adam as a symbol, theme, or pattern. Be aware of literary structure.

Bible written as thoughtful theology not history (or science). Written as the story of Israel that show their ideology. (and identity)

MIN 13

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]Literalism is a modernist reading strategy [of the Bible].[/ictt-tweet-inline]

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Different books of the people (in different eras) adjust and revise other parts of scripture.

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]I find that the most conservative way of reading the Bible is the most unbiblical.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

MIN 15

Pete, what do you mean by “GOD”? (and how he encounters that in his newest book.)

Using the word “God” is almost lazy.

MIN 19:30

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]There is no one portrayal of God in the Bible.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

It changes depending on the culture, theology, time, circumstances, and author or authors writing the book. The New Testament comes from the Old Testament trajectory.

MIN 22:00

[In Paul’s letters] Paul [is] trying to make sense of Jesus when it’s a radical departure from Jewish thought.

[The bible is] [T]he development of how humans think about God. The tribal God is warlike [is one example].

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]The “biblical God” is the God we see through our own lens.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

MIN 25:00

God in our image.

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]“It’s not just that we use psychology, we ARE psychology.”[/ictt-tweet-inline]

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]“All theology is psychology and sociology, [because] we are people who live in communities and people with histories.”[/ictt-tweet-inline]

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]“God allows [God’s] children to tell [God’s] story from where they are from their perspective.”[/ictt-tweet-inline]

Hold with an open fist.

MIN 28:30

The mystery of the Incarnation and how we see the world.

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]“Jesus is the model and Savior and messy and a 1st century Jewish man.”[/ictt-tweet-inline]

What’s the divine part of Christology?

MIN 32:00

How has Pete’s personal concepts of God have evolved?

My experience of God is not irrelevant and not relegated to just the academic and the life of the modernist mind.

(Eastern) Orthodox “God as Being” (rather than a Being)

When you think of God what do you think of?

God is in you and without God there is nothing. And God is all around you. (New ideas for Pete).

MIN 37:00

What’s around the corner for Pete Enns.

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