Eps 119: “Honey and Onions” [Insights for Idealists] Guest, Alessandra Pigni

Eps 119: “Honey and Onions” [Insights for Idealists] Guest, Alessandra Pigni

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Today’s guest is Alessandra Pigni. (pronounced: péen – yee)
She will be joining me and the rest of the group selected for the On Being Gathering in February, 2018.

Her book is entitled:
Idealist’s Survival Kit, The: 75 Ways to Prevent Burnout
(The book is published by Parallax Press which is the publisher founded by mindfulness teacher, peace activist, and Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Han.)

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Soul School – Lesson 56: The 4 Hidden Factors of an Identity Crisis

Soul School – Lesson 56: The 4 Hidden Factors of an Identity Crisis

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For the later half of the 20th Century people would refer to a phenomenon of undergoing a “mid-life crisis”. After growing up, getting an education, having a career or family, or both, people would get to about mid-life and not be sure why they were doing what they were doing; or what any of it meant anymore, or who they really were anyway. Some would buy sports cars, or run off with their young secretaries, or quit their jobs, go back to school, start writing poetry, start a new hobby, revive their religion or start into a new one, or go on a motorcycle ride across the country. Many others would trudge, more quietly, through it until it was over and they found their way again.

But, in the last 20 years along came another term “the quarter-life crisis”. This referred to people at the beginning of adulthood–perhaps just out of college or working for a few years, or recently married, or putting off marriage. The angst and the quandaries were similar and these people struggled deeply wondering what they should do and be in the world.

Now, these types of Identity Crises periods seem to happen often to people–even every few years, and this episode of Soul School goes into why and what can be done about it.

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Eps 69: Guiding People from Fear to Solidarity

Eps 69: Guiding People from Fear to Solidarity

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Steven Hovater, a multi-talented man, is my guest today.

He creates several podcasts. He is a pastor. He makes apps. He is a family man: husband and dad of four (including two adopted daughters). And, as you will hear, he’s a lot of fun to converse with. I hope to have him back in the future as a return guest. Enjoy!


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SHOW NOTES for episode 69

Steven’s Podcast – Spiritual Stepshovaterspiritualsteps

(He also creates The Craft of Ministry podcast and just recently the Twine Threads of Faith podcast)

MIN 3:00

Spiritual Steps is a vehicle for his faith community to not be dominated by fears and anxieties.

You can’t simply be educated out of fear.Twitter (Click the bird to tweet this!)

“Islamophobia is more phobia than Islam.”

John Barton – Click to read the article

cultural change feels fearful.


Spiritual practices and disciplines (mainly prayer)

Rewiring the brain.


How do we want to be in the world in common life.


The fruit of what you create.

When you think a sermon stinks but then it ends up blessing others.


Part of our calling in the world is to join in the creative impulse of the divine.Twitter (click the bird to tweet this!)


How missional living plays out in Steve’s life


Righteousness and Judgment properly understood.


The problem of available work in his area.


The types of work left for humans to do is going away and this changes how we see ourselves.


Being radically alive


WEBSITE: stevenhovater.com



Making Prayer and completive prayer more accessible:

Thomas Merton


The Prayer of  Solidarity– click here to read.


Gregory Pastoral Rule – Click here to read

For other episodes related to human dignity, you will enjoy this episodes:

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Lesson 28: Soul School-The Myth of “It Is What It Is”

Lesson 28: Soul School-The Myth of “It Is What It Is”


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What does “It is what it is” mean to you?

Today, I talk about what we can change and the work of Carol Dweck.

The pivotal and transforming power of “growth mindset” as seen in her work and case studies could change dozen of things you thought were unchangeable in your life: your health, relationships, circumstances, living arrangements, learning, lifestyle, career, and much more.

Dweck shows that we tend toward two main ways of thinking. Making a strategic switch and using a particular word as we frame our thinking and describe our situations has a profound impact on outcomes. Her case studies prove it–listen in.

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Soul School – Lesson 16 Skills Trump Passion

Soul School – Lesson 16 Skills Trump Passion

Welcome to Soul School – your Hump Day treat. Your midweek boost! (WEDNESDAYS)

Today comes some wisdom I gleaned from Cal Newport.

On FRIDAY come back for a longer conversational guest episode!

I liked Cal’s take on working towards skills that are rare a valuable.

It flies in the face of a refrain we often hear, “Follow your passion!”

In a recent Soul School I told you that the Secret Sauce I kept hearing from the many people I speak with indicated that people followed their curiosity and created something useful often found success and meaningful work. LISTEN HERE. On that journey they were doing the very thing Cal talks about, “becoming so good they couldn’t be ignored.”



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