Reason as a Venture of Trust [SSL 306]

I’m back to bringing you some philosophy courtesy of David Bentley Hart. This time an explanation of how first principles precede reason in determining reality from his article called Reason’s Faith from 2015

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What is Grenzbegriff?

Fossil Sitting In Sun Light

Creative Commons License A Guy Taking Pictures via Compfight


I didn’t know about this word until recently. English seems to lack a word that encompasses this concept. Yet, it seems the concept itself is ever-present and worth a word of its own.

Grenzbegriff noun. [‘grɛntsbǝgrɪf] 

[German: from Grenze meaning limit, boundary + the word Begriff meaning concept.]

In Kantian philosophy this is a concept that describes the limitation of sense-experience. The word describes a / the concept of limitation and, in general, it describes one’s conception of an unattained ideal…just out of reach.

Something real and yet undefinable because we see (perceive) but a shadow of it is described in grensbegriff. This, which we cannot perceive is somewhere off the map away from what we experience with our senses. Maybe it is even more real than we are.

Let’s have class today. To what things could this word apply?

Love? Art? Hope? What else?

(This means: in your opinion. Please don’t worry about “correctness”. This is just an exercise and I’d love to hear from you.)