Downright Awestruck [SSL 301]

Today we are probing our sense of mystery and wonder.
Have you encountered AWE lately?
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Feature photo is from NASA. The first is MSH 11-52, a supernova remnant blowing a spectacular cloud of energized particles resembling the shape of a human hand, seen in data from Chandra, NASA’s Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE), and ground-based optical data.

Eps. 214 Collisions of Earth & Sky; guest, Heidi Barr

Today is a conversation with author, poet, and return guest Heidi Barr ⬇️

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The Fear of Connection [SSL 249]

Host Lisa Colón DeLay discusses the human need to connect with others to become more ourselves and how can we begin.

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Still Life [SSL 229]

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The Prayer of Birds (poetry of Mary Oliver) [SSL192]

“Joy is not designed to be a crumb,” says the late poet, Mary Oliver.
I read and reflect on four of her pieces that come from her book Devotions.

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