Downright Awestruck [SSL 301]

Today we are probing our sense of mystery and wonder.
Have you encountered AWE lately?
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Feature photo is from NASA. The first is MSH 11-52, a supernova remnant blowing a spectacular cloud of energized particles resembling the shape of a human hand, seen in data from Chandra, NASA’s Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE), and ground-based optical data.

The Passions and the Pain [SSL 248]

Host Lisa Colón DeLay reads and reflects on the insights of Dr Wendy Farley from her book The Wounding and Healing of Desire: Weaving Heaven and Earth
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EPS 47: Specific Behaviors That Lead to Happiness – Guest Benjamin Hardy

I like to define happiness as “sturdy joy” and there is some science that shows us that specific behaviors increase it in our lives. Benjamin Hardy’s article on the topic caught my attention and I had to have him on the podcast to share his findings.

Scroll down for detailed show notes and don’t forget to come back every Wednesday for a “Soul School” episode and each Friday for a special guest episode.



Ben is a writer and a PhD candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Clemson University.

Ben’s twitter

Ben’s website


MIN: 1

Slipstream Time Hacking the book and Ben’s philosophy on “experienced time” and perceived reality.

The movie Interstellar

MIN 4:
Shortcuts to goals.


MIN 7:30
How do you define “happiness”?

State of mind no matter the circumstances.
Do something every day that terrifies you.

MIN 9:
Living according to your beliefs.

MIN 10:
Principles vs. moods
“every principle has a promise”

Happiness cannot be directly pursued. Happiness comes first (not after you get something or somewhere). “Happiness is the way.”

MIN 12:00
The Myers-Briggs test and being future thinking and not here and happy now.

Kolbe A Index text

MIN 14:30
“Be where you are.”

MIN 16:00
Studies show that Anticipation is better than the actual thing.
The Soul School episode on that very thing.

MIN 18:30
High Stakes and no exits and “the point of no return” and big promises

MIN 19:30
Tim Ferriss the stick works better than the carrot.

MIN 20
The endowment effect

MIN 22:00
#8 Do something every day that terrifies you.
Darren Hardy “Be courageous 15 seconds a day.”

Our anticipation builds up fears to think the outcome or experience are much worse than they actually are.

Push yourself to grow.

MIN 25:30
Most risks are inflated by our perceptions.

MIN 28
We adapt during our experiences. We can take on challenge to create growth.

MIN 29
#9 Put the important before the urgent

Defend the important from the urgent thing that suck away time from you.

MIN 32
Put things in order.

MIN 34
“If you wait for too many tomorrows you’ll find that you got a lot of empty yesterdays.”

Steven Covey

MIN 36
Setting time limits and realizing what your time is worth.

MIN 38
#10 Forego the good to pursue the best
Bad on your values.
“Never let a goal to be accomplished be more important than a person to be loved.”

Jim Collins “Good is the enemy of great.”

MIN 40:30
Ben’s goat farm experience with his wife Lauren.



Read the whole article:

The Secret to Happiness Is 10 Specific Behaviors

How Love is like Lightening

All the most powerful and wondrous things of living and being human cause language to falter and stumble short. The ways of the heart are not a language at all, but a territory. A place, wild and untamed where we find our home in each other and reside, sometimes like beasts and sometimes like flowers.


Enumerations that try to pull back the veil on love are feeble attempts to list mysteries.  But, we should do it for each other, nonetheless, to remember what lasts and remember how the happiness of love is had in moments and short fits.

Outside of those moments, we have remembrances to help us map our way back to what is real. What is us.

Happiness Day: Graphic & Video

(snippet of happiness graphic)

I’m hard at work on a project.

Working hard on something I love makes me happy!

(Give me a few weeks and I’ll share details with you!)

For today’s post I wanted to share a great video for a song about happiness and an interesting graphic I found.

Tell me what surprises you the most about the info on the graphic.


How to Be Happy

by WebpageFX.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.