Downright Awestruck [SSL 301]

Today we are probing our sense of mystery and wonder.
Have you encountered AWE lately?
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Feature photo is from NASA. The first is MSH 11-52, a supernova remnant blowing a spectacular cloud of energized particles resembling the shape of a human hand, seen in data from Chandra, NASA’s Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE), and ground-based optical data.

Learning the Trees [SSL174]

Today, I’m featuring excerpts from an article found in Nautilus magazine online. It’s by Khriseten Bellows called “Death & Rebirth in Forests: On the Lives of Trees”.
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Soul School – Lesson 39: New Insights on Loneliness

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Today, I am featuring new insights on the topic of loneliness based on a recent article you can read here at Nautilus Magazine.

When we feel alone, we sense that there is something wrong. When we feel lonely we may think there is a problem with us and we might even feel ashamed. Research about who feels lonely, what happens from prolonged loneliness, and the actually FUNCTION of loneliness will probably surprise you.

Enjoy this episode.

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