Three Wise Women [SSL 253]

Today, is on the topic of Endurance and the prophetess Anna, from the new book by Dandi Daley MacKall.

Three Wise Women: 40 Devotions Celebrating Advent with Mary, Elizabeth and Anna
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If a Clarinet Had a Soul [SSL180]

Today, I bring you some reflections on Ella Fitzgerald—the First Lady of Jazz; the Subversive Stillness devotional entry for Feb 3rd (from author Robert Monson); and the poignant “I need you” prayer from Dr. Howard Thurman. 🚩Get access to extras, like website links related to the episode, are at the support page that is free today. Listen now with the AUDIO PLAYER: Featured music on the episode is a sample of “Close Your Eyes” sung by Ella Fitzgerald. It is a CreativeCommons work (CC) gathered from the Library of Congress:
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Eps. 192: Subversive Stillness and Restorative Justice; Guest, Robert Monson

My guest today is author and returning guest Robert Monson. We are conversing about his devotional book “Subversive Stillness: An Antiracist Devotional for the Everyday Believer” (Get it here in time to read it for February: )
It is the book selection for February and we will meet for interaction and discussion on March 3 with Robert. The event is free, but you  need to sign up here –—book-4/register
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Reading REMINDER! JANUARY 2021 Selection— is 
Revolutions of the Heart: Literary, Cultural & Spiritual by Yahia Lababidi
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Open Unto Me [SSL131]

Today on Spark My Muse I am featuring a prayer by Dr Howard Thurman. Special thanks to Carol Howard Merritt. Our conversation from April 2017 can be heard here. Contribute a small amount and… • Get extras for this episode, including the text of the prayer, HERE.
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Esp 104: The Listening Day, guest Paul J. Pastor

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The scenic photo featured is a Creative Commons licensed image taken by Mitchell Friedman. (The photo was shot near the top on Angel’s Rest Hike in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon, looking westward.)

Paul J. Pastor is a writer living in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge. His writing on Christian spirituality has won numerous awards and critical recognition for its beauty, insight, and biblical depth. With a M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Western Seminary, Paul brings his passionate style and unique insights to life as a frequent speaker at churches and universities.

Paul and his wife Emily serve as Deacons of Spiritual Formation at Theophilus Church in Portland, Oregon. They have three children, a brook running through their garden, and a view of the best sunrise in the world.

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