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Eps. 207: Biblical Womanhood; Guest, Beth Allison Barr

Beth Allison Barr is my guest. She is the author of The Making of Biblical Womanhood

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Eps 93: Spiritual Nomad, Brandan Robertson, shares his story

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Rev. Brandan Robertson is a noted spiritual thought-leader, contemplative activist, and commentator, working at the intersections of spirituality, sexuality, and social renewal.

Brandan earned his Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Ministry & Theology from Moody Bible Institute and is pursuing his Masters of Theological Studies from Iliff School of Theology.


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Eps 70: Sexuality and Spiritual Formation, Guest Tara Owens

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Today, my guest is anam cara (soul friend), Tara Owens, of Anam Cara Ministries.

Tara’s ministry exists to provide a place dedicated to the practice of soul friendship and coming alongside others in order to facilitate healing, wholeness, holiness and spiritual formation.

• We cover topics about embodiment, sexuality, sensuality,  body shame, body and brain disconnect, fear, technology, the vow of “staying with”, spiritual direction, holy listening and attending to others, and using an adult coloring book as a spiritual practice.

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MIN 2:00
Conversations Journal – Spiritual Formation


In direction you receive the full attention of someone.

Holy listening and focused fully loving attention and being entirely listened to.

A long loving look at the real together.


Do homework to find a director that has the training to truly attend during your sessions.

The holy ground of the soul. Sacred space.


Who are the typical people who come for direction?


Working with Millenials


Crisis points in faith and needing a director.

Sexuality and Spiritual Formation

Embracing the Body: Finding God in our Flesh and Bones

part I Fears around the Body (we are our body)

part II Theology about the Body

part III Integrating our Body (shalom and the body)

God speaks to us in and through our body

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]-[Mistakenly] We relate to ourselves as “brains on sticks” -[/ictt-tweet-inline]

Our beliefs about God come to supersede our experiences of God


We can be taught that the body is the entry point of danger and sin. (Lisa) This is the opposite of true.

Male and Female bodies and brains.

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]“Shame disintegrates us.”[/ictt-tweet-inline]

(we are separated from ourselves.)

“Our bodies can’t lie.” 

MIN 18

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]“Our bodies will tell us what we believe.”[/ictt-tweet-inline]

MIN 20 The brain and body disconnect. The silos we create.

MIN 21:30

Genesis 12

Vision and a word.

The fully-sensual nature and wholeness of being human and spiritual.


A walk being spiritual.


The Emmaus Walk and Prayer Walk

and other practices

Practicing really breathing

Attending to the “ruach” of God (Hebrew for breath)

We usually breath with just 20% of our lungs.

Blessing their body.

MIN 28:00

Body shame and self-loathing

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]“Being willing to look at yourself with kind eyes”[/ictt-tweet-inline]

we participate in a degradation of our bodies and seeing what is wrong.

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””]We are conduits of God’s blessing.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

Bernard of Clairvaux

We are not a canal but a reservoir – give out of overflow after we have received from God


The truth about Selfies

[ictt-tweet-inline via=””][Selfies are] not vanity but a mask and fear.[/ictt-tweet-inline]


It is not good for humans to be alone.


Staying connected with people once it gets messy.


The tool of technology.

Skills for connection if you have gaps.

The vows of “staying with” and not leaving when it gets hard.

The discipline of stability.


The challenge of Embodiment.

Liturgy should involve: God, creation, and other people.

Communion is a tangible way to be physical and incarnate. (meals together)

No more tiny bits of Jesus.


Tara’s latest project:

At Play in God’s Creation:

Contemplative Prayer Coloring Book

96 pages!




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Path to Porn..for women (part 1)

(click image for photo source)

Confession: I recently viewed porn. It’s not the first time.

And so have you.

Porn: noun
1 pornography.
2 television programs, books, etc., regarded as catering to a voyeuristic or obsessive interest in a specified subject.

In this case, it was clips from a primetime television show on NBC, not graphic and explicit sexual content. But, porn has much to do with lacking purity, and self-discipline. I wasn’t interested in either at the time. It doesn’t matter how graphic it was or wasn’t, I picked a path.

I know it’s a common path, so I’m starting a post series on porn, to get the topic out in the open. You’ve seen porn. Of course you have. That’s just simple statistics. The only thing in question is for how long, or how often…but far more importantly, why are you, and are you hiding it, and do you feel stuck or trapped? Well, the gig is up.

7 Reasons this porn stuff is a typical situation:
• Television
/especially cable/dish/satillite

• Smart phones/phone with internet access or image viewing capabilities

• Internet…duh. It’s got to be reason # 1. (plenitude of images & privacy to do as one pleases=lack of discipline.)

• Over-Sexualized culture/media, especially in advertising

• Plentiful supply normalizes or excuses inappropriate or damaging behavior/habits.

• Video games/books/products

• Cultural Idolization of beauty, youth, virility, and social acceptance.

We’ll get into the heart of the issue, behaviorally, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and find some ways to detour this path that will damage us and our relationships. We’ll help each other out, okay?

I will speak from my purview, as a women. We live in a time that is highly visual, tied to fantasy, that supplies huge amounts of voyeuristic material. It’s not something mostly “men do” (look at or participate in). Women do too.

However, I challenge you men reading to cover this topic in the next two weeks in a post or post series, or at least link to this post to support bringing this topic to light.

And ladies reading today, I challenge you to take on this topic, too, not as something that you wish guys wouldn’t do, etc., but as something that somehow effects your life somehow personally, and convicts you to somehow find a better way.

Often “Literature” and Story/Fantasy are like gateway drugs to this type of porn for women…I wrote a bit about this sort of thing in a past article, 5 Reasons I Don’t Read (Christian) Chick Books. 

Confess what trips you up.

Coming up in the next post…thoughts, feelings, and reasons you and I try the Path to Porn.

In later posts, we’ll work together to discover some resources to help and guide us: detours from the path. 

But, here’s the question for today: What particular vehicle makes porn all too accessible for you or someone in your life? Anonymous comments are always welcomed.